Year : 2013
Genre : Hardcore Metal
Record Label : Nuclear Blast (!!!)
Sounds Like : Lamb Of God, Terror
Reviewed by : Alberto
Sentence : Final Round... Fight!

Like my friend Matteo says, the new CD of Hatebreed "makes your hand shake", in sense that it really makes you violent, makes you go down on the streets, stop the first bastard that stares too much at you and knock him down for then break his head with your fists.
Jamey Jasta and his team, after they have signed up with the Nuclear Blast, propose us this new "The Divinity of Purpose", a pure Hc album like the Hatebreed means it, no half-ways and no bullshits.
All the 12 tracks, included "Before the fight ends you", which is one of the "slowest" of the album, give you a load of energy.
The work behind this album is impeccable; like almost every Hatebreed album, they came right at their purpose: throw to you a load full of violence, right to the teeth.
The title track, together with the first release of "Put it to the Torch", are probably the tracks that stand out in this exceptional album, due to sound power that only the Hatebreed knows, that power which can trasmute a the queit and little lamb in us, in an angry bull.
"Own your world" tells us perfectly the point of view of the band, "we own the fuckin' world tonight!" they say, remembering us that the HC scene is their propriety, that they are at the top of the HC and probably nobody will take their place.
Another great stylish album for the band! This MUST absolutely be in your discography and Mp3.

Mark : 8/10

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