Soulfly - Enslaved (English Version)

Label : Roadrunner Records
Year : 2012
Genre : Thrash/Groove Metal
Sentence : Nice job after all... [6.5]

When you arrive to have two important project and sometimes be a special guest on others work  is natural have less ideas. Happens also that you can have 2-3 great ideas but the rest of each other is not good like these, you can take some things from the past works but isn't  like to have new idea of the same kind.
Soulfly changing Line Up gain technique and loss ispiration. Nunez wasn't a monster of drums but had cool ideas and some tribal change really interesting. Is the same for Burns, he did his work honestly. However Rizzo and Cavalera are still strong and create some cool songs for the album, unfortunately the rest is not at the same level.
Propose the same things for years no longer works good, there aren't the great insights of Prophecy or Dark Ages. Some choirs are quite good but others are like a kick in the balls, American Steel and Chains are really boring, Legions  have some metalcore stuff and isn't good.
Thanks to God Plata o Plomo, World Scum, Inveratation and Gladiator save the work, morover Max Cavalera is always Max Cavalera.
(Sorry for the bad English again)

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