Sunpocrisy - Samaroid Dioramas (English version)

Label : Indipendent
Year : 2012
Genre : Post Metal
Sentence : Heliocratia [8.0]

Sunpocrisy come from Brescia, Italy, without a label contract destroy 100% of all 2012 Post Metal cds,except surprise.
The band arises like the italian alternative to The Ocean from Germany with a more feeling for psychedelia and ambient (the last part of Samaroid / Dioramas).
Ours have a strong technical background and the quality of the songwriting is high, they change by atmosphere to each other without problems and they can create strong climaxes with the intelligente use of clean vocals.
The Prog parts are evident but they never leave out with useless solos or change with no sense, the Sunpocrisy's music sounds coherent and homogeneous, anything out of place, everything is working perfectly. Also with a great production all instruments are really calibrated, by enhancing the cohesion and not the single movement.
In this Samaroid Dioramas there is the genuinity of a personal act, disarmingly for all that thinks Post Metal is a dead fashion.Not everydays comes out a CD like this!
(This is my first English review, please do not be evil with me lol)

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