Ufomammut - ORO Opus Primum (English version)

Label : Neurot Recording
Year : 2012
Genre : Drone/Doom/Psychedelic Stoner
Sentence : "Qualità ovo" (cit. pubblicità) [7.5]

Ufomammut are not novices, they play music since 1999 from Piemonte, Italy. Their music is a mix of 70's Doom, psychedelic Stoner and Drone Metal. Distorting the classical Doom Metal concept, Opus Primum is a CD with a strong personality, the atmospheres are ethereals and rarefied. Few Synth shots ,but well marked, launch their atmospheres. A bass with a vintage distortion follow the drums more than the guitar.The guitar sometimes is used simply like a fill
The production is particular and give a personal sound to all the work. The voice is full of effects and studio editings. They give a more peculiar sound to the CD.
Useless say that the first two tracks are the best at the end of the games with a great progressive character. They are moving slowly until the final epic part comes out, creating suspance during the listening.
Only Magickon have standars lower than the other songs, why did they use the same part of the synth in Empireum? There are also too many effects and the epic moment arrive too late.
Mindomine close the cd with the most aggressive performance of the work.

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