Euphoric Defilement Interview

Let’s talk about the new album, what’s the writing process like for you guys?
It was pretty smooth man. we took our time to do it and I think it was worth it.

Were there any difficult parts for you to play in the studio?
Drums and bass were fairly easy to record but tracking guitars was a little tough on our guitarist since he had to do 4 guitar tracks for each song .

What can you tell me about the lyrics? Is there a specific concept that holds the album together? I
It pretty much reflects our singers view on where humanity is at right now. Its easier to understand if you read the lyrics. It might have a different meaning depending on the person that reads em.

What do you consider to be the essential elements that make up Euphoric Defilement’s sound?
I would say the way we blend the old and new styles of death metal and also our musicianship/friendship.

How did you come up with your band name and what is the meaning of it?
We were having a hard time coming up with a band name until we came across those to words. Euphoric Defilement.

Was there a particular artist or song that made you want to get started in brutal music?
Bands like Disgorge,Severed Savior and pretty much the old Unique Leader roaster but also bands like Decapitated and Morbid Angel.

Is there one song on the album in particular that stands out the most to you? In my opinion in Echoes/Deprivation Of The Quintessential Source and Virulent Affliction you mix very well the old school mid tempos with the modern Brutal Death Metal…
Those 2 songs are very fun to play. I must say my personal favorite has to be the "Ascending To The Worms" . That song is all over the place.

as you come to write a track like A Peaceful Descent ? Absolutely beautiful!
Our bassist wrote and recorded that song. He was warming up at practice one day playing that song and we loved it !so we asked him to finish it up so we could include it in the album.

are you guys on tour now?
Not at the moment but we do plan on hitting up most of the brutal festivals this summer.

Where do you see Europhoric Defilement in five years?
Still doing what we love doing. Playing brutal death metal /m/

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