Nero di Marte - Nero di MArte

Year : 2013
Genre : Progressive Metal
Record Label : Prosthetic Records
Sounds Like : Gojira, Neurosis
Reviewed by : Edoardo
Sentence : It is all I want
Finally, like a chimera, a radious of light shines in all the shadows around the word "innovation".
These guys "Nero di Marte", also known before as "Murder Therapy", got ingaged by the american record, for a such a jump in the innovation means that behind the italian monicker must be a lot of things. It's so, despite the no-mainstream appearances we find a explosive music. If you have ever liked Neurosis (more acid and more violent) and the reflexive violence of Gojira and if you like all the bands like Gorguts, then this band will be perfect for you.
It's progressive metal, but inside there are a lot of influences and atmospheres that are impossible to be classified, it's impossible to not wonder "what the hell is this?" while listening to this CD.
The title track shows a compositional skill that only the Gorguts of "Obscura" have shown before, with macabre webs fixed on dark chords and ambient interludes.
If "Convergence" and "Drawn Black" are the singles from which it is impossible to escape, "Resilient" and "Anoptikon" are "mathematical" tracks with distorted times and accents that remind the italian "Sunpocrisy" and with a very perfect vocal interpretation, and this is becuase Sean is maybe one of the most talented guitarist/singer in Italy, both in style and ideas. In his vocal range we can find influences of Gojira and Neurosis, which also are the band from where the "Nero di Marte" find all the hardcore ardor and the interpretation of the semi-clean parts.
This is a tough CD, it's not of easy-listen (especially for those crazy about the 80's-90's) and it will take a bit of patience for like it, but then it becomes simply amazing.

Mark : 9/10

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