Genre:Progressive Metal
Record Label:InsideOutMusic
Sounds Like: Circus Maximus,Redemption,Dream Theater
Reviewed by: Francesco Tinella
Sentence: Squadra che vince non si cambia.

The work of a soloist guitarist, usually, it's a manifestation of personal virtuosism only for a selfish goal that will be forget soon. But if we take a singer with almost 25 years of experience in a storic band, and we put him in a band together with musicians that aren't his normal groupmates, what will we get? A pretty good work, looking at James LaBrie's third work.
Together with good and famous musicians, the italian Marco Sfogli at the guitar, the swedish Peter Wildoer (Darkane) at the drum, Matt Guillory at the piano/keyboard and Ray Riendeau at the bass, James LaBrie seems to propose again the same formula of "Static Impulse". A modern and melodic metal, full of groove, good refrains and a bit of growl (by Wildoer) with a ending result that's not bad.
A good production, clear and powerful, like Sfogli's work in this album, even if, in "Slight of Hand" and "Letting Go" we could hear something that he has already made in other productions abd we could say "I think I've already heard this one..."
Rhytmically, Wildoer has filled that empty left on Darkane's last album, filling this work with creativity and groove, avoiding passages that would have been boring.
James's voice it's not the leading of this album. In his CDs, the music is the leader, and James' voice fill the backgroud. But his voce is still appreciated by those that liked Dream Theater since the beginning.
This CD it's not a pastime between a Dream Theater's work and another, but a really soloist project.


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