Orphaned Land - All Is One

Year: 2013
Genre: Middle Eastern Folk Metal
Record Label: Century Media
Sounds like: Blackmore Night's metting Helloween
Rewieved by: Giorgio
Sentence: Still interesting among the genre

Among the group of "musical band with few ideas" but with many strange folk Metal instrument, the "Orphaned Land" distinguish themselves for their particular style and even by where they come from. This israelian band generally use typical themes of Middle-Est folk music in their song. Even if today we're much distant from the typical mix "Death Doom with Folk", this mix is still good, helped by a great production and good arrangiament skills. Electric and acoustic instrument challange themselves in harmonies and arab scales, creating a final output that sounds strong and fitted. Also the choral interludes increase the epicness of this work, just listen to the title-track "All is One" for understand.
"All is One" is a good disk, the last step of a musical band that has never failed, it's an easy-listening album but you hate to listen carefully because you could miss something if you don't.
In fact, if this album it's of easy listening because the metal influences are soft, on the other hand the great arrangiament skills lead a new way of interpretation and feeling every time you listen to this: every time you find something new, that at the first listen you might have not heard.
Another special point is the message of this band: a massage of peace and hope that finds its way in this music, a massage of hope and peace that comes from by those who really tasted war and terrorism on their skins. 

Mark: 7.5/10

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