The Modern Age Slavery - Requiem for Us All

Year : 2013
Genre : Deathcore/Death Metal
Record Label : Pavement Entertainment
Sounds Like : Suffocation (New era), Whitechapel (This is Exile), Despised Icon
Reviewed by : Edoardo
Sentence : Masters of Italian Deathcore are come back!
Any doubts?

The war machine named "The Modern Age Slavery" has been silent for too long, for too much time the name has been lost in all the italian releases.
But funally, it is here. "Requiem For Us All" is the consacration of one of the major european forces in the genre, thanks to promotion given by the Pavements records, and now we hope that the name will spread like a virus because they deserved more fame since the first CD.
This new "Requiem for us all" is all that a fan wants to hear, more technical and brutal with a sound no longer chopped by pointless technicisms, a claustrophobic sound that goes right to the point. There are massive breakdowns in style Whitechapel/Oceano and they also have a bit of Depsised Icon's touch.
The tracklist (needless to say) is rich of powerful and voluminous tracks, "The Silent Death of Cain" assumes even evocative formes, with the use of the Synth, that is inusual but it doesn't sound bad in the context. "Opiate for The Masses" (which isn't a Dying Fetus cover) seems to came directly from "Ills of Modern Man", a real concentrate of Despised Icon's influence with a thrashy background.
The best song (for me) is Ivory Cage, not only because of the essential but piercing Chorus, but for a catchy and powerful behavior at the same time, and if in the first part the song could have be the classic mid-tempo full of triplets, from the second part it becomes dark, full of acid harmonization and a massive use of blast beat that mix up with the feeling of the song, that then goes with an outro-break well done.
And -for finish- the voice of Giovanni Verselli, true point of the band for the personality. Once more he shows that is one of the best artist of the genre, to conferm that everybody can sing in growl or scream but only a few gave a personal touch to them.
Maybe, the first cd was a bit more personal and less attached to other names and had a pair of harmonic scales that became part of the group, made some differences between other bands. Initialy the productions made me think that it penalized the guitars but in the end I thought it was okay, and more clean and brillant compared to "Damned to Blindness".
A strong work that balances strength and brain. Please, don't let us wait 5 years more.
Ps. The interpretation of "Arise" makes you cum.

Mark : 8/10

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