Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression (English version)

Label : Nuclear Blast
Year : 2012
Genre : Technical Death Metal/Metalcore
Sentence : The Inherited Death Metal [5.0]

Nuclear Blast has put it hands on this work. After a non charismatic ObServant, Psycroptic come out from Tasmania with a new ,ambiguous and unconvincing, performance.
The Guys show a good preparation behind the instruments and a complex songwriting behind the songs but my concern is behind the kind of music choise for this work.
A mix of Metalcore, Lamb of God and modern Technical Death Metal, an evolution from the past CD that was catchy and modern but not so fashion.
Unfortunately there are people that have discovered Psycroptic with this CD and think that this is their best. People that doesn't know Carnival of Vulgarity or Lacertine Forest must be shut up about this amazing band. They wrote a lot of important Brutal Death Metal cd and were one of first sons of the modern scene. This is a really sad story, we want matthew chawlk comes back

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