Guttural Secrete - Nourishing the Spoil

Year : 2013
Genre : Brutal Death Metal
Record Label : Brutal Bands
Sounds Like : A sledgehammer that hit your naked balls
Reviewed by : Edoardo
Sentence : An Epic Murder

Who would have expect? It has silently arrived the new work tagged Guttural Secrete, after 7 years!
The leader band of the brutal scene of LA (and not only of LA) has gathered a lot of fans in the years due to a fantastic "Reek of Pubescent Despoilment" which years by years has incresead the cult of this band between the lovers of the genre.
Maybe someone won't like it, because this "Nourishing the Spoil" it's not a clone of the old CD, but it's the best of the Brutal Death Metal. It would be needed a dictionary to describe every of the 36 minutes of this work, for the skill of our artists to alternate a really true acoustic pain to pieces of claustrophobic sound.
No half-ways, no mawkisness, the sound goes right to the bones, but the listener is a succubus and has to get weak for the insane melodies of "Clotting the Vacant Stare", "Voyeuristic Engagement", "Nourishing the Spoil", things NEVER heard before. Such an intelligent use of melodic arpeggios in the brutal death metal has never been heard before, a really bright way to concieve a genre. They amy be look like discordant things but they found a perfect, wicked fusion during "Nourishing the Spoil"; when you will hear for the first time these solutions, you will feel like hit by a rock in your eyes, you will cry for the pain but, at the same time, it will stop you by hearing all the others.
Basically, it is the perfection: it destroys, creates and destroys in a loop, even the final symphonies and the few seconds of no-sound leaves the right feel to get ready to suffer another endless blast by the band.
If the Death Metal means evil and pain, then this cd IS the Death Metal, it may be not blasphemous but, for now, "Nourishing the Spoil" remains the best expression of the Brutal since the times of "She Lay Gutted" (by Disgorge), defeating (by my modest opinion) that CD for inspiration, production and originality.
In few words, the best cd of this genre by the last 10 years.

Mark : 10/10

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