Heaven Shall Burn - Veto

Year : 2013
Genre : Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal
Record Label : Century Media Records
Sounds Like : Heaven Shall Burn
Reviewed by : Edoardo
Sentence : Another Strike!
After all these year, we ask, at bands like HSB only to be themselves.
The result is what you expect, the content is what you expect, there's no need to write about this CD.
Veto it's another great CD of the german band, another great work of their discography.
If you may find that some part of this CD are old and used a lot of times (the mini-solo at the beginning of "Land of the Upright Ones", for example) some things look good and become more affective, thought the triplet riffs harmonized with rhythmic solos are been used from them by a long time. Electronic effects are still used, which isn't bad, given the fact that is well used.
The tracklist has 2 interesting point: the cover of "Valhalla" by Blind Guardian, in which the famous singer of the band is a guest and Beyond Redemption, the instrumental closing of this CD that shows all the love for the '90 swedish Melodic Death Metal and Doom.
"Antagonized", "Die Stürme rufen Dich" and "Godiva" are well written, energic and arrogant.
The already-single song "Land of The Upright", together with the other 3 song written just above, are the essential tracks of the CD, those that are worth to be listened in a live, those for why the CD has been written.
I hope you won't get angry, but "53 Nations" and "Fallen" are songs that don't affect positively or negatively the album, they had been written just for increasing the listening time of the CD.
So, this work it's pretty good, there are a few thing that have already been used before, but the guys pay attention at trying something new.

Mark : 7/10

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