Year: 2013
Genre: melodic death metal
Record label: Nuclear Blast
Sounds like: Hypocrisy dal disco omonimo in poi
Reviewed by: Matteo
Sentence: tutto quello che potreste aspettarvi dagli Hypocrisy!

 Finally, here we are standing in front of one of the most attended CD of the 2013. The twelfth Hypocrisy's work seems to follow the same line of the last three band's CDs. Yeah, "End of Disclosure" follows the style created on the base of the ideas of Peter TÃĪgtgren in 2004. You will find fast and kicking tracks, such as "Tales of Thy Spineless" and "When Death Calls", where the riffs flows in an impressionant easily, and songs slower like the titletrack "The Return", strongly based on the creation of atmosphere, like in "Hypocrisy" and "The Arrival" CDs.
There are also pieces like "Hell is where I stay", though and monolitic like "A Taste of Extreme Divinity" songs. "End of Disclosure" is full of refrains and melodies that will fit in your head and you eventually make you whistle them. In my opinion "44 Double Zero" is the perfect example. And we should talk about Peter's voice, which (as usual) is great: the growl is deep and warm and the scream is sharp and strong. Both will let you amazed. Peter's classic screams are made for give you a charge. Let me tell you how I found intresting one thing: the interesting and funny reminiscences in Amon-Amarth style in "The Return" and "Living Dead", the last hit on the digipack edition.
In a few words, a success. I can say that I'm very happy for writing this, given the fact that at the first listen I wasn't so happy. "Nor a refrain and neither a riff that you can remember", that's what I tought.
On "End of Disclosure" there's nothing more to say: if you have always liked Hypocrisy, you will like this too. Another confirmation from a coerent band, which have always tried to improve and find new ideas to make unique their work. Keep on guys, you're rolling!

Mark: 8/10

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