Year : 2011
Genre : Neoclassic Deathcore (?)
Record Label : Metal Blade Records
Sounds Like : If Mozart was a Serial Killer...
Reviewed by : Edoardo
Sentence : A Classic of our Times

I remember when this CD came out, I didn't like it. I remember that I only liked the 2 first song, and I found the rest of the album very boring. After a few years, I look at "Ritual" as the album with most innovations, rich of personal touch, sofisticated and elaborated. The influences expand and a neo-classic touch fills the jazzy solistic section, that is very suggestive. It mixes with black metal riffs and harmonizations that remind a bit "Dissection" band. In the refrain of "A shrine to Madness" and "Conspiring With the Damned" we can feel a touch of a new kind of melodic death metal, but at the same time, in "Conspiring With the Damned" we find the biggest defect that pervades in most tracks. The total abandonment of Deathcore, fixed just in two tracks (Malenchanments of the Necrosphere, On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood) but done MUCH better, gives space at the infinite interludes (I hate interludes), sleepy and soft, even written for being boring. We can found this in many tracks and it works as CD's "file rouge" that creates a big pause from last two CDs' style, and decides to work on a real solistic and rythmic section, leadings the sound toward perfection.
Sadly, the closing of this CD isn't that great, the final tracks don't satisfy the listener (The Raven e Great Burning Nullifier) and they seem made up from the discarded riffs that build up the best songs. By the way, "Blood in the Ink" still looks good for the Synth's excelent work, a tracks that shows all the best from the neo-classical vein. In the middle of the album we also find a tribute to "Napalm Death" band, a tracked named "Den of the Pcquerist", full with Grind/Hardcore of quality.
Despite some loss, this album requieres more times to be appreciated. It's not an easy-listening because of the big amount of new proposed stuff, and so I think that the next work will elaborate again the formula, improvesit, and make a new strong album more direct and even more exciting.
Not that there aren't moments of high emphasis, like "The Widow"'s refrain.

"I fill the mouth with semen while the head still blinks and shakes ten
seconds is the window another chold has met his fate I hold the grisly teasure skyward have a
laugh into it's face bless all earth's most precious children with my blackened love insane"

Mark : 8.5/10

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