ROSA INFRA-Promo CD'Change of Scenery

ROSA INFRA released their debut full-length album called "Change of Scenery" on the Russian label SOUND AGE.The CD features 11 tracks of the band, including two instrumental compositions.The same guest musicians were recorded String Trio (cello, viola, double bass) for one of the songs on the album- "Letters From Nowhere"(russ.-"Pis'ma Niotkuda").In addition to recording a solo guitar parties attended the famous guitarist Ilya Mamontov (Epidemiya).
The history of the ROSA INFRA began in 2006 when vocalist and bassist Nikolay Karpushin assembled a band and before that set a clear goal is to perform high-quality, and a hit at the same time sincere music.Characteristic features of the band is very low and powerful sound,a deep voice of vocalist and russian-language lirics.
During its existence, the band heats up the audience for the British band PARADISE LOST and the Finnish bands TO/DIE/FOR,EMBRAZE,For Selena & Sin, to release the single "Alone Again" A recently released album "Change of Scenery"(russ.-"Smena Dekoraziy") has already managed to get a positive response in the reviews on the European metal websites.
The album setlist:
1.Lozh vo spaseniye
3.Nadezhda na utro
4.Edinstvo v grehe
5.Snova odin
6.Sonata di dolorum
7.Snezhniy angel
8.Pis'ma niotkuda(romans)
11.Smena Dekoraziy

Album Promo:

More informations about the band you can find on their Facebook page:

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