Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper

Year : 2013
Genre : Alternative Metal
Record Label : Sony Music
Sounds Like : bah...
Reviewed by : Edoardo
Traslate by : Lorenzo
Sentence : Vultures are better....

Alright, this "Temper Temper" sounds like a superficial cd, written with a few riff, a lot of bases and a handful of pop refrain for the masses. Looks like that all the energy and the ideas of the leader of BFMV were gone after the release of AxeWound's new album, "Voltures", the second band of the BFMV's leader. In fact, "Voltures" is an album full of groove, with a fresh and engaging sound. Sadly, we can't talk like this about "Temper Temper", that it seems to amplifies the defects of their last CD. The guitars are even less present, very few solos, and a very few main riffs for a CD of 11 tracks, some bases added for full the album and the continuously stopped riffs are the the leading for the 44 minutes of this album. By the way, the title track, "Riot" and "Truth Hurts" are still to consider as good tracks.
The production is over the average, and for this they have a point, but it doesn't matter at this level and a thing to consider is the refrain of "Dirty Little Secret", definitivly too tawdry even for the standard of the BFMV.
The album itself isn't so bad, but it's terribly not-spontaneous, it's of easy-listening but it miss that feeling of a pounding and distructive sound of a "Voltures" too much similar for to not being compared, a CD too much well-written that makes the BFMV looks like the last band arrived on the scene.
Of course, AxeWound are a group of metalcore superstars, but, aren't the BFMV the same?
Like the Subhuman would say: "evoluzione inversa", reverse evolution.

Mark : 6/10

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