Year: 2012
Genre: Hardcore
Record Label: Search and Destroy Records
Sounds Like: Hatebreed, Architects
Reviewed by: Alberto Orbi
Sentence: Punch me I bleed.

Image that guy at school that keeps annoying you.
Image to punch him in the face and try also to image all the adrenaline in your veins in those moments. That is what "This is the Six" makes you feel the first time you listen to it. We're talking of the album that gained access on the Hardcore global throne. A deep, strong album, made for show how much are tough this english lads "While She Sleep".
Even if the name could look "sweet", this album is a massive load of violence that reminds the old Hatebreed band. A blasting drum, chorus, a well-sustained scream sing and majestic guitars mix perfect and make this great album, where great guitar melodies and piano parts fit in a tornado of pounding and violent riffs. But the best parts are the lyrics. A soul's mirror of every band-component, no stories or banality, just the real, sad, tough reality. Pieces of lives told second after second, song after song. The album's intro is one of the most hardcore song "Dead Behind the Eyes", that makes you understand the power of this album. And then other tough songs like the title track, "The Plague of a New Age" and "Untile the Death" give the album more power. These boys from Sheffield then add some tracks, melancholic but loaded with energy, like "Our courage, Our Cancer" and "Love at War". In the end, the album ends with "Reunite": a sad mix of chorus withe Sean Long's piano. I'd say "The quiet after the storm". 
"This is the Six" it's not the usual hardcore album that we already know, but a story that can teach a lot to the listener.
No doubts, one of the best album of 2012, try it.


Mark: 8.5/10

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